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Here are a few examples of how I might help:

If you are the beneficiary of a trust or have a family foundation, where the assets are professionally managed I will do my very best to make sure that the investments are always aligned with your need for income as well as safely growing the base.

This will include coordinating with your
attorney, accountant, investment advisor, and banker, to ensure all are well informed, so that that the outcome is an easier and less time-consuming experience for you.

Also, I will vet and monitor potential donor recipients to ensure that these organizations are the “right choice” for your gifts.

This can include having me take a closer look at their “financials,” and conducting onsite visits.

Finally, I can arrange for valuations and possible venues for sales of your private security holdings.

Put simply,

When working with the family trust and your professional team, we will do our best to save you time and stress; and, if we are vetting potential donor recipients for the foundation, we will help you get the maximum “bang” out of your charitable dollars.


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